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Guesthouse Spanidis

Guesthouse Spanidis

Since 1992 Sabine and Kyriakos Spanidis and their children have been living in a large self-constructed house among beautyful olive-groves, having a free view at the sea.
A little outside of the touristic center (a ten-minute-walk to the beach) you can relax in comfortable appartments with wooden and wine-covered outdoor-sitplaces in the shadow of old olive-trees.
All rooms are fitted with wooden furniture, Internet, kitchen, heating-system and bath (the warm water for the shower and the electric power for the house are being prepared in our own solar-system).


The whole family speaks German and Greek perfectly and English in conversation-quality.
Close to the house they run a small bio-farm with some animals, have a friendly dog and a lot of nice cats - perfect for holiday with children.
And, of course, Sabine and Kyriakos are always helpful if you need contacts or informations how to rent a car, bikes, surfboards or sightseeing.


And if there's no place in their house at the date you've planned your holiday, they'll help you to get rooms at other nice places in Vassiliki.

Das Haus


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Sitzecke unterm Olivenbaum

Chessboard in our house

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   Sabine & Kyriakos Spanidis  
Vassiliki / Lefkada